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Kyle MuthOur mission is to help develop and revitalize local communities by servicing local businesses and real estate investors nationwide. We provide real estate investors with fast, flexible & innovative commercial lending resources needed to operate, grow, and achieve their real estate investment goals. We offer real estate loans nationwide to assist in the purchase, rehabilitation, refinance, and cash-out refinance of non-owner occupied (NOO) residential and commercial properties. We will strive to educate, advise and ultimately provide financing for you through a transparent process and provide centers of influence (CPAs, Bankers, Lawyers, and Real Estate Agents) additional financial resources to better serve their clients. One of our core beliefs is that business obstacles and market changes are opportunities to deliver great customer service and innovative solutions to our clients.

Our flexibility and ability to close quickly provide our customers with a clear business advantage. We understand that the best way for your business and real estate portfolio to grow is to give it the financial resources you need to succeed. That’s why we put together a broad range of financial products that go far beyond simple hard money loans or mortgages. All it takes is a phone call or email to obtain a no-obligation proposal for your next investment property.

We specialize in Hard Money Loans, Fix & Flip Financing, Non-owner Occupied Residential, and Multifamily Properties, Rental Properties, and Investment Properties.

Here are some characteristics of our loan products: Low Doc Loans, Up to 90% of Purchase Price & 100% of Rehab Costs, construction Draws, Up to 75% After Repair Value, No tax returns or financials, Closings in less than 30 days, 12 months interest only, 30-year fixed rentals, and much more.

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